Snuffs-White "Karhu" und Fiala 2009

Spring 2009

In Mai I realized that I did no photos even though I got a new camera for Christmas. We had other problems during the first three months. In the last two months of 08 Fiala got more and more problems with getting up and walking. She fell down from time to time and we had to put her up on her feet. Then she had long periods of feeling well. But the signs were clear: our time together was limited. In the beginnng of 2009 her steps became even slower, the getting up became worse ... and one day it was impossible to get up. Two days we carried her out. All this last time she loved to lay in the car and enjoyed the first sun rays, she should not survive until summer. On April 2nd the vet came to us and gave her the last injection. And even though she was a dog who went his own ways, who also stayed in rooms without us for longer times, who needed times to be alone ... well, the loss was awful.

Yes ... a new camera. I found a few test photos with Karhu. The light was difficult for photos but I do not like to be dependent on weather forecasts. When I am in mood for taking photos I have to go out and take some phots.

The first warm sun rays, the first green ... every year the first green colors are fascinating again.

Then it went quite fast .... soon every tree was green and it was time to look for a bath. Not me, but "dog" is always prepared for a swim in the river:

Fialas dead meant a period of silence in our family. Even though we knew that the day comes nearer and nearer, the loss was big. It is hard to find the right words for our feelings ... we felt ... incomplete somehow.

This year all things seemed to be faster. We nearly missed the right moment to drive to the rhododendron park in Bremen (the biggest in Europe) for some photos. At least we found a little place in the shadow.

since we have a cat at home, Karhu tries to climb on trees....

Same procedure as every year ... Hammetime! The summer became warm and sunny and we went some times to the river "Hamme" for a bath. The children love to throw with mud and to "paint" Karhus coat.

Autumn - holiday time. This time the holiday photos get an own page.

An uncomfortable November stopped all photo activities. In December we came to a well known situation: no photos for Christmas cards and a grey, rainy landscape. I took LIlja and Karhu and drove to the Christmas market in Bremen, hoping for a good chance for the perfect photo. Malin had to play theatre every day so she could not come with us.

Some days before Christmas we had the first snow. The landscape stayed white until New Years Eve and since a long time we had snow at Christmas. Time for a ride with Lola, Karhu and Malin and a further photo session with Lilja and Karhu.

New Years Eve 2009:

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