Karhus holiday in Lökken / Danmark

3.- bis 17. October 2009

The first holiday without Fiala, a strange feeling. The everyday life is more or less normal now, half a year after her death. Sometimes we put away our feet before sitting down near her "old" place. Sometimes I tell "please get up" before I put the table away for cleaning. the holidays were different. We missed her a lot. "Only" one dog, "only" Karhu even though he has enough power for two or three dogs. As soon as he finds out that we have more spare time, he thinks it's spare time we can share with HIM.

On October 3rd we started to Lökken, a smal village at the top of Denmark. First we started the alarm in our holiday house as we did not read the small printed letters ("be careful, the alarm will be on. You have to....) The hole night it was very, very stormy, we did not sleep well and I dreamt of cars been taken away by the storm. The next morning was not better (but the car was still at his place). A walk to the sea became a fight against wind, sand and water. We were more than happy to be in our hut again.

From monday the weather became much better and each day you could find us at the beach. Karhu insisted on not being lazy during the holidays. Go Ourside! Playing! Have a good Swim! Walking! he seemed to tell us.

Lönstrup, Marup Kirke and the light house were nearby and worth seeing. We already spent two holidays in Lönstrup so we were interested to see the church which is built down to avoid that it fells into the sea. As soon as the club has enough money the church shall be built at another, safer place. Unfortunately, the money was not enough to safe all the pieces of the old church - there are still some walls at their place.

After looking at the church we continued our walk to the light house, meanwhile out of order and situated in the middle of sand mountains. Also the light house will disappear within the next years. Some years ago the houses were covered with sand. Meanwhile they were broken down and all the stones, wood etc are still at the place. A good training place for Karhu.

Strange things on our way:

Who is still asking why the hell we go to Denmark in October or November?

This is Blacky. Our daughter simply loves riding at the beach, so these are already traditional pics. This year we had to look around a bit to find a stable. We got "Blacky" for an unlimited time.

The last day in Denmark. Something's still missing: the family bath. Sauna on and then all family members went to the beach. In the morning the cars' windows were already frozen, it was really cold on these days, back in October.

The sundown on Tuesday Evening:

Two weeks were gone much too fast. The friday was rainy, stormy and simply a day one should stay in bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea. We started on Saturday, took the ferry Glückshafen und got a sundown at the ferry that made the holiday simply perfect.

Photo and text copyright: Peter and Gaby von Döllen. Copy and use is only allowed with our written permission. Oct 2009