Snuffs-White "Karhu"2010

Preparations for Christmas? No, that is not important at all. Some hours with dog and horse in the beautiful winterland showed all the beauty. Christmas will be WHITE!

In December it started snowing. We remembered February ... it felt like not a long time ago. The snow became more and more, chaotic situations and thoughts about a White Christmas. It became true, we had some wonderful snowy days at Christmas.

October ... holidays. but still I did not manage to put the photos online ... sorry!

August ... clouds, rain, colder again. We did not go to the Sail 2010 , it rained and I can see people with umbrellas elsewhere. Disppointing, it is always a nice event. We had some nice days in August nevertheless, with riding adventures on the meadows and fields in our area:

... some portraits, just a chance to take some photos, without special occasion:

a little island in the river Weser called Harriersand, a great place to be. But also dangerous because the Weser is already wide and ends up in the North Sea.

World Championship in South AFrica. I did not go to local places with Karhu, it was too hot in the sunshine. But some soccer photos ... well, here they are:

Everything started blooming. The most beautiful time started and at the end of June we got high temperatures which stayed until end of July. Here are some photos of June:

Finally, spring time even though the may was quite cold.

It was a long winter. We never had that much snow for a long time. Everybody wanted the spring to come with flowers and colours. The days became longer and the photo with the sun going down shows Karhus joy to be outside so much longer!

More than four weeks of snow, this is quite unusual for our area. But it was a chance for taking some photos. The snowman was called Mr. Kasimir K.

Happy New Year 2010!

Once again a year is over.... we had some fireworks but without too noisy things. Miss Marple had to stay in the house but Karhu went outside with us, as usual. This night means some additonal plays.

New Years Eve 2009/2010:

Karhu and MissMarple liked the champagne bottle. (No wonder, with some meat drops inside...)

Fotos: Peter & Gaby von Döllen. Sämtliche Fotos unterliegen dem Copyright. Kopie und Verwendung nur mit unserer schriftlichen Erlaubnis. Jan 2010

Photo and text copyright: Peter and Gaby von Döllen. Copy and use is only allowed with our written permission. Dez 2010