Snuffs-White "Karhu"2011

June 2011: Wildpark Lüneburger Heide

The sunny and free days were used for a tour to the wildpark as they got two tigers last year. As we have a tiger fan in the family, this visit was a "must":

Of course, Karhu came with us.

Juni 2011:

May 2011:

A bike tour in the evening- wonderful impressions:

April 2011:

Suddenly it went warm. From one day to another the nature seemed to change from winter to summer. No spring, not at all. Weeks of blue sky, no rain and temperatures up to 20 degree. Everything was green within 2-3 days. All flowers showed their colours at the same time. The easterdays we spent in t-shirts, the easter events were like summer festivals. Today, on May 11th, we have the first rain since a long time.

February 2011:

We hoped for lots of snow, but ... nothing happened. In February the first wild gooses returned, first signs that springtime is approaching. The temperatures raised but it rained, rained, rained. Stormy, rainy weather - on February 8th we discovered the sun again. Karhu and I went out for a walk and stayed until the sun went down.

New Year 2010/2011:

2011 starts. A new year with new adventures and new ideas. Karhu turns 9 this year. Our snuff-nuff ... the place at his side is still free, no time for a puppy. Fialas dead is still hard some times. Thoughts at the end of a year, sometimes lucky, sometimes sad. The days between Christmas and New year are meant to calm down, to recover and to look back and forward. We did it and we see some things clearer. With new energy we will start into 2011.

Miss Marple went under Liljas bed, while Karhu started with us into a New Year. Our silent street changed from yellow to green to red lights. Here are our first impressions of 2011:

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