Snuffs-White "Karhu"2012

Spring (june) 2012

End of April the sun showed that it is able to bring some warmth to our country. The last april weekend was sunny, warm and .... yellow!

After some weeks icy cold it started melting. The march was still grey and everybody waited for the first green leaves. It is not nice to be out for taking photos these days. However, sometimes it is worth it. Sun raising in the meadows in the morning - and the first birds coming home .

Winter 2012

February was a really shocking month for us. First of all, our 19 year old SAAB broke down. It was a kind of family member for 17 years and ran 377000 kilometres. It belonged to our family so it was a hard decision not to repair it because the costs would be too high. We remembered our common times and copied the photos we could still find. A car we used for a wonderful holiday in north Sweden - 2 little children, Fiala in the middle and the luggage in the back. It is simply necessary to remember this car this way. The photos are from 1996.

In February it became cold. The flooded meadows froze to big skating areas. Those who did not like skating or icehockey, took a camping chair, sat down and enjoyed a hot drink.

No snow . The winter went over with storms and heavy rain falls. The meadows were flooded and were big water areas. On my way back from a date for the newspaper I amwriting for (so the camera beside me) this motive forced me to stop the car and to take a shot .The full moon over the flooded meadows in absolute silence: a part of a dream that became true. (The photo became the title photo of the newspaper some days later)

2011 / 2012

Ein neues Jahr liegt wie ein unbeschriebenes Blatt vor uns. Erinnerungen tauchen auf an die schneereichen Tage vor einem Jahr als alles so malerisch war. Dieser Jahresanfang ist neblig, trüb und sogar ein wenig regnerisch, als wir auf die Straße gingen, umfing uns völlige Dunkelheit. Was für ein Kontrast zu der hellen Vollmondnacht im letzten Jahr. Was mag dieses Jahr bringen? Im Moment gelten meine guten Wünsche all denjenigen, für die das neue Jahr voller Sorgen und Ängste beginnt.

The year 2011 is over and a long time of interest and work for the White Shepherds. We cancelled our membership with the club for white shepherds (BVWS) and are now more or less neutral. We will still be interested in everything happening to and with the white shepherds, we will continue writing and taking photos and of course, we will continue with this page. We hope that the White Shepherds will stay friendly and calm family dogs. Karhu will definitively not become father, at the age of 10 we will stop his breeding career that never existed. He is fit and loves his life and we hope that he will stay with us for many, many more years.

He enjoyed the New years evening, the only night he is allowed to play on the street at midnight. Miss Marple - once again - stayed under Liljas bed.

Photo and text copyright: Peter and Gaby von Döllen. Copy and use is only allowed with our written permission. Dez 2011